Dr. Ya-Ling Hansen PT, DPT was originally educated in Taiwan & completed her doctorate degree in the USA with on orthopedic conditions. Ya-Ling takes pride in being a trilingual, patient-centered, and evidence-driven therapist-just perfect for Bellaire PT!

Dr. Hansen is attentive and gentle with her patients and demonstrates great humility in her interactions. Dr. Hansen actually prefers to be addressed by her first name, Erin, as opposed to using her title, however, she demonstrated the knowledge and proficiency of a doctorate trained therapist. Erin views the whole patient and not just the body part when she is diagnosing a patient which is the main component of her success. Erin is scheduled to attend a specialty course in pelvic floor dysfunction this January.

Schedule and appointment with Dr. Hansen today online (BellairePT.com/scheduling), by email (Tova@BellairePT.com) or give us a call at 832-588-3552.

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