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  • Make My Kids Therapist, Your Kids Therapist. My Kids Therapist is a unique one of a kind physical therapy facility that operates with the patients success in mind. Sessions are scheduled according to your childs’ needs, and we never spend more time than necessary. We will work with your insurance company or you can choose […]

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation  Physical therapy evaluation and rehabilitation in Houston Texas for orthopedic conditions by licensed physical therapists only.  Bellaire PT. Your last stop for Rehabilitation Finding a specialized Physical Therapist to address your pain symptoms and injuries should be a priority for any orthopedic problem.  The fastest results will be achieved with early intervention by […]

  • Neurological Rehabilitation Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury Neurological Rehabilitation is a complex process designed to empower a patient to recover from an injury to the nervous system.  We work to help each patient regain the highest level of independence by improving functional use of the affected areas.  Treatment sessions are customized based on the […]

  • What is Dry Needling? Dry needling is this fantastic treatment that has been known to the Western world of medicine for hundreds of years. Muscle pain also commonly referred to as Myofascial pain is extremely common and is a very treatable condition although almost always ignored by physicians and not treated by physical therapists even […]

  • Amputee Rehabilitation Upper & Lower Limb Prosthetic Training Rehabilitation for an amputee presents a unique set of physical and emotional challenges, especially when the procedure is unplanned or due to trauma.  We recognize the different physical and emotional stages that an amputee will progress through, as well as the unique attention required during each stage. […]

  • OK I admit it, I’m a Senior Citizen. So What? I can do everything I need to do! You know your body better than anyone else and when something isn’t right, we can help make sense of what’s wrong. There are many changes that occur through the lifespan and it is crucial to be treated […]

  • What is Gait training? Gait training is learning how to walk in part or whole. Many people require gait training with diagnosis ranging from mild injury to major neurological disorders. Some of the most common reasons to seek gait analysis from a physical therapist is pain. Patients may experience pain in any number of body […]

  • How important is my posture?   Poor posture has been shown to be a predictor of low back pain in children 11 years old (Dejanovic 2014) Posture has been shown to affect breathing capacity (Price K, Schartz P, Watson AH. The effect of standing and sitting postures on breathing in brass players. SpringerPlus 2014;3:210. doi:10.1186/2193-1801-3-210.) […]

  • We offer CPR classes for the healthcare provider as well as the layperson. Certification remains current for 2 years from the date of completion. A flat fee for a group class of 6 people can be offered to decrease the cost. Contact us to schedule your next class. AHA/ASA Guideline Guidelines for the Primary Prevention […]

  • Geriatrics, post operative, pre-operative, total joint replacement, complex trauma, cancer rehabilitation, treating the whole person not a body part by

  • What are orthotics? Orthotic is the term used to describe an external support for some clinical use. Technically your shoe is an orthosis. The insoles that we wear are orthoses. Orthotics are available over the counter at the supermarket, drug store, or sporting goods store. It is important to understand that an orthosis is supposed […]

  • Home Exercise Program Creating a home exercise program or HEP can be the difference between a successful rehabilitation experience and a waste of time and money. All too often patients are handed printouts that include pictures and written instructions that do not truly reflect the exercise performed in the clinic and let us not forget […]

  • Should I Bother with PT Before My Surgery? Many patients seek PT before a surgery to prepare their bodies for the rehabilitation. Some people may be familiar with the term “muscle memory” and choose to teach the muscle how to perform the exercise before the surgery. Other people may realize that the pain after a […]

  • Post operative rehabilitation is the most common reason to seek PT in the United States of America. There are over 500,000 total knee replacements performed each year in the USA with over 300,000 of the surgeries provided for patients over the age of 60. Although total shoulder replacements are much less common and usually reserved for […]

  • Private practice prices, hospital level expertise, and personal service at Bellaire PT. Therapeutic Exercise is essential to regain strength and mobility for recovery from any problem. Whether you are working to reduce pain, improve function, or recover from a surgery, we have the expertise you need to move forward. Many of our aches and pains arise from […]

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Rehabilitation Guidelines (PRP) PRP is the newest and hottest non-surgical treatment in the sports world for muscle, tendon, and joint pain and injuries. PRP is the concentration of platelets derived from the plasma portion of one’s own blood (3) . While platelets are widely known to play a large role in clotting processes, their […]